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STARTUPAUTOBAHN Singapore is a corporate accelerator program powered by Mercedes-Benz focusing on Automotive Retail, Aftersales, Corporation and our Mercedes-Benz customers. Be one of the first on this new venture in Singapore. Our aim is to accelerate local Startups by helping them to develop their idea towards a real life market fit within our company.

Our program will support selected startups on the highway to success. With
Mercedes-Benz you will have a significant customer base to apply your startup ideas to real life challenges from DAY ONE. Be part of the journey! 

We are part of STARTUPAUTOBAHN in Germany, a Daimler initiative, which is already running successfully.

STARTUPAUTOBAHN Singapore is the first 'future of mobility' accelerator in the red dot!


YOU who are looking for commercialization of your product or service
YOU who have got a brilliant disruptive idea, no matter what maturity level
YOU, who have no startup idea but are highly motivated and skilled to work on one. We will provide you a scalable business challenge.
YOU who aim to make a positive change in the world of mobility

Interested? Apply now!

Any Startup idea which falls into the below verticals. If you are not sure if your idea fits in, please drop us an e-mail

Internet of Things will change the future of communication of daily items around us
Artificial Intelligence / Analytics

To remodel the human intelligence into machines is the big challenge of our generation

Games are fun and motivating. How can this be embedded into our every day life and into our customer's experience
Retail Experience ​​

A general vertical which allows all ideas to elevate our customer's experience to a new level. This is applied to both online and brick and mortar world


To tailor the product or service towards individual needs is one of the major directions of many industries
Communication & Training
Ideas around company's internal Commuication and Training
Virtual & Augmented Reality​​

The quality of Virtual Reality, using software-generated realistic images to replicate a real environment, is constantly improving. Any application towards the future of mobility besides the usual? 
As for Augmented reality, to overlay real-world environment with computer-generated sensors is one of the new inventions of this generation

To bring people and/or things from A to B without just relying on personally owned cars is the future challenge of the Automotive industry

From paper to binary. The digitalization vertical encompasses all ideas to improve communication, efficiency and user experience realized through mobile apps, etc.



Senior- and University mentors with rich experience in automotive
Market Access

Direct access to more than 13 counries in Asia Pacific
Investor Access

We will help to build the bridge to Singapore's best Venture Capitalists
Network Muscle

 With Mercedes-Benz as your first potential customer, we can link you to many domains like Marketing & Sales, IT, HR.. 

We will provide necessary training along the way

Co-working space in the middle of JTC Launchpad in BLK71
Fellow Startups

Brainstorm together. We will have a strong focus on integrating and bridging you to your peer-startups and to our internal employees, so you will never be alone throughout the program


 Tools which are needed along the road will be provided by Mercedes-Benz
Work for a 
2 Trilion USD Industry

Apply now!

With the support of the National University of Singapore (NUS), which is ranked as #1 University in Asia and #12 in the world, we have one of the strongest partners on our side who will build the bridge into Singapore’s Talent Pool.

With Plug and Play, the Silicon Valley Giant, we will be tapping into a worldwide organized Accelerator network. Plug and Play is main supporter of StartupAutobahn Singapore.

General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. The leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions, we foster a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love.



  1. 0
    Application Open
    You can apply by filling out the form under the Apply button
    September 2016
  2. 1
    Application Close
    We will close the application and select the SHORTLISTED for this program
    11th November 2016
  3. 3
    Announcement Shortlisted
    Watch your e-mail inbox! Our final feedback to the SHORTLISTED will be sent out. You will receive an invitation to our SELECTION DAY
    November 2016
  4. 2
    Selection Day
    The best startups will PITCH before a selected panel of judges comprising of Mercedes-Benz Senior Managers, University Professors and VCs
    November 2016
  5. 4
    Kickoff Immersive
    The journey begins! So let’s start with a 2-day boot camp. We will get to know your idea and introduce you to our company
    December 2016
  6. 5
    Proceed: Go or No Go
    Not every idea selected at beginning may turn out as you and we expected. Lets have the opportunity to rethink
    February 2017
  7. 6
    Fund Raising Chat with the VC's
    The program will focus on an early involvement of local and global Venture Capitalists to strengthen the journey with sound funding
    March 2017
  8. 7
    VC Pitching Day
    This VC pitching day is your main platform to present your achievements which you gained throughout the program to local and global Venture Capitalists
    April 2017
  9. 8
    We will provide necessary training along the way
    Along the program
  10. 9
    Overseas Panel
    As the final 'signature event', we will provide you an unique experience to share and discuss your product or service ideas with hundreds of Mercedes-Benz business professionals from all over Asia Pacific
    May 2017
  11. 10
    End of Program
    Every end is a new beginning. The network gained is yours. The IP gained is yours. Together we will decide on the way forward depending on the successful usage of your idea within Mercedes-Benz
    June 2017


  1. Sabine Scheunert
    Sponsor Digital & IT Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales
  2. Marc Krueger
    Sponsor IT Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales Overseas
  3. Shekhar Chhajer
    Sponsor IT Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales Overseas
  1. Patricia Polizzi
  2. Bhawna Shetty
  3. Gaurav Suman
  4. Metin Yigitcan


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