Helping drivers to find reliable car workshops for maintenance and repair

On-demand booking app for drive home services

Image recognition platform that bridges traditional print media with online digital content

Mobile app for integrated communication, team interaction, mobile and video conferencing

AI based machine vision for real-time dynamic object tracking

Online interaction platform for users via social media messengers

A security intelligence service for enterprises.

A chatbot that enhances customer engagement.

An IoT solution that locates your car.

An interactive video platform for brands.

A lead capture solution for sales team.

A big data platform for retailers.

An augmented reality solution for knowledge sharing.

An IoT device to monitor driving behavior.

Dre connects you to vetted valets who ensure you and your car get home safe, so you can have a night to remember – not to forget!

Using AI and data science to help navigate the future of work and close skills gaps.

Enable your organization to deliver successful data projects within days — integrated with your existing data landscape and ready to support decision making.

The new way to generate qualified marketing and sales leads.

Trakomatic enables businesses and organizations to discover the ways people interact in a physical environment using video and sensor technology. We capture profile and behavior data and transform it into actionable insights that drives optimization and improvement of your core business processes.

Reward employees,
customers and sales teams

Build the Enterprise Backend through Drag and Drop.

Next-Gen Cargo Predictability

Luminovo is a deep learning company helping corporations develop tailored applications. It was founded by a team of AI experts from Stanford University with experience applying AI in the wild, having worked at Google, Amazon, Intel and McKinsey.

We created a self-diagnostic and predictive maintenance platform in the connected car space, providing dealers and service providers with customized lead generation.